Think of the Children

It’s time to acknowledge how ineffective social media virtue signaling is. No matter how good it feels to craft a snarky tweet, it does nothing to effect real world change toward whatever issue the respective parties are using as cannon fodder for one another. If we really care as much as our tweets say we do let’s stop the scoreboarding and work together to create a solution.

Professional Victimhood is 2016’s Harlem Shake

Remember those videos a few years ago that would open on a room of people either standing motionless or quietly moving about, totally independent of one another, while music builds and builds up to a breakdown, and then just before the breakdown some outside voice would command, "Do the Harlem Shake," at which point all … Continue reading Professional Victimhood is 2016’s Harlem Shake

Why the US could be a little more maroon

I am a male.  I am American by birth, from Texas, specifically Midland.  I am left handed, blue eyed, white, Irish/Danish by descent.  I align politically conservative, more precisely constitutionally conservative,  though I am registered Republican.  I am average height/weight, listen to nearly all genres though I prefer traditional country, truthfully traditional anything because I … Continue reading Why the US could be a little more maroon