Cool Stuff I Wish I Could Talk To My Mom About: Big Cat and Big Business

Read all the convos I wish I could have with Mom right here.

Man, what a week. Mom and I would have had a blast with everything that went on. Obviously we would’ve talked about Augusta, but I had a lot happen too. I started a new job on Monday, visited some of our favorite downtown Austin sites, and spent the weekend in College Station. I missed her last week, we would’ve had some fun talks.

New Job: Last Monday I started as a full-time writer for a tech company in downtown Austin. It’s about as Austin as you can get. There’s no dress code, people just sort of filter in throughout the day instead of being locked in 9-5, there’s a ping pong table (of course), and, wildest of all, an in-house barista and four (1,2,3,4) kegs. It’s cool as shit. I wish I could’ve told her every little detail.

New Lunch Spots: Maybe better than the pay, benefits, and public transportation reimbursement, my new gig sits at the corner of 6th and Congress, a prime jumping off point for mom and I’s favorite downtown spots. My second day I had Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ at 2nd and Congress, and on Thursday I watched the first round of the Masters at Texas Chili Parlor, a little bar my mom loved both when she lived in Austin, and when she came to visit.

Commuting: Between the congestion of every road leading downtown, parking averaging more than the price of a tank of gas, and my company generously reimbursing public transportation expenses, it’s a no brainer to ride the train. Not everything’s perfect, of course, and since becoming a commuter I’ve already had my share of inconveniences and stories. I know Mom rode the train in Irving, and I think in Austin as well, but I would’ve loved to hear some of her weird public transportation stories.

College Station: A couple weeks ago my best friend let me know he’d be in College Station for the maroon and white game last weekend, which worked out perfect because my girlfriend’s niece’s 2nd birthday was that Saturday. We made all the plans and went down Saturday morning, choosing to take the ole cowpuppy with us. It was a great two days, and I wish I could’ve shared it with Mom because being back definitely got me farther in my feels than I thought it would.

A Tradition Unlike Any Other: What a Masters. What a final round. It was the best I’ve ever watched. All my favorite tour pros played their asses off, including, obviously, Big Cat. I was a mess, more jacked up than if I’d just mainlined a smoothie of cold brew and nicotine, and when he won I’m not gonna lie, I cried. I don’t know why, I think Mom had a lot to do with it, but I did.

Blessings On Blessings: About halfway through Friday I got a text from a former coworker inquiring if I’d be interested in taking a golf position. It was completely out of nowhere, as I suppose most blessings are, and I still don’t know what to think. I’m torn. I love golf, I love what I did in golf. But, I also love weekends off. I love knowing what time I’m getting to work, and getting home. I love PTO, I love the possibility of having the time to start making the next chapter of my life. It’s a tough decision, a beautiful problem to have, and I need Mom’s wisdom right now.

Last week was a lot. I saw and did plenty, learned so many new things, watched easily the best tournament I’ve ever seen, and was offered an opportunity I never thought I’d have, leaving me with a difficult choice. With so much that went on I know I would’ve been blowing up Mom’s phone. Last week would have been an occasion to call, to hear her sweet twang, her soft, comforting, loving coos and praises filling me with optimism and giving me all the guidance I need. Last week was a good week, a week of happiness and blessings, but it was a week where her absence was all the more evident.

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