Cool Stuff I Wish I Could Talk To My Mom About: Hotel By The Water

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This past week was pretty eventful. I spent the latter half of it in Corpus Christi, finalized everything I need to do for my new job, and made some tentative plans to see old friends in College Station this weekend. I’ve noticed not having my mom to talk to, to burden with all my irrational complaints forces me to either bottle them in and wait for the perfectly inopportune time to misdirect them, or, make my girlfriend listen to everything, which isn’t far at all and I know is putting more stress on her than she ever deserves. I need to figure out better outlets for that, maybe this should be a twice a week column.

My back giving out on Sunday: I’m going to start with this one because at the moment it’s hurting so bad I can barely think, let alone write. Somehow, I suspect from a combination of hotel bed improper footwear/lifting, and the stress of standing and sitting for longer than normal periods, my back gave out on Sunday. I’m on day two of being so stiff I can’t get my hands below my knees, and even though her suggested remedies were never particularly effective; Mom was always good to listen to my ills and at least alleviate some of the mental pain this is causing.

Our hotel in Corpus: Last weekend I travelled to Corpus after much unfounded and illogical protesting to help my girlfriend with an organization she’s been volunteering in for the past ten years. As volunteers, we were fortunate to reap the benefits of reimbursement and stay on the top floor in a room that allegedly went for four figures a night. Call it my humble upbringing or my overly critical eye, but I was underwhelmed. For four figures I still got an air conditioner loud enough to lift an airplane, a bed so soft and feather stuffed a goose might have flown out of it, and a shower head that took longer to turn on than I do getting out of a chair. Don’t get me wrong, the size of the room was impressive, and the view of the water from the private balcony was unmatched, but it was still way too highbrow for my blood.

The injustices suffered upon my girlfriend: I’m overly protective of how my girlfriend is treated. I won’t step in and white knight the offender unless I’m hammered, but I’ll definitely let her know I think someone’s taking advantage of her and I think that person should kiss my ass. That being said, Friday thru Sunday was basically a showcase of who could take the greatest liberties of her selflessness and work ethic, leaving me about ready to double bird the entire city of Corpus as we were pulling away. I admitted some of this to her, a selfish move on my part because it put her under more stress than she was already feeling. I wish I could’ve had Mom to properly condemn these offenders.

The Ole Cowpuppy: It’s pretty much a given I’m going to want to talk to Mom about the ole cowpuppy. We made the decision to take her to Corpus with us, leaving her with a Rovr caretaker Friday and Saturday, with intermittent periods of tagging along with us. She did marvelously, a model of proper puppy behavior both with us while we galavanted around Corpus and hanging out with a Great Dane the size of a draft horse. Mom would’ve loved it.

Last week was a whirlwind. It was emotionally and physically exhausting and I think I handled it pretty poorly, pitting way too much stress on my girlfriend at a time when I should have been there to support her. I need to get better at internalizing these talks with Mom when they happen real time, maybe that’ll help.

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