Cool Stuff I Wish I Could Talk To My Mom About: Fightin’ Texas Aggies

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It was kind of a weird week. The first part of the week started out much better than the last. By Sunday I was ready for either a do over or a flash forward. Fortunately nothing was too serious or earth shattering. Still, I could’ve used my mom on several of the past week’s events, including reminiscing and sharing some long awaited news.

My Job Situation: I’ve been unemployed the last three months. I needed my mom during this time. It’s been stressful, humiliating, anxiety inducing, embarrassing, difficult and terrifying every day. Granted, I wouldn’t be in this situation if my mom were still here, but nevertheless my frazzled sensibilities could use her soothing assurances right now. Things are better, I accepted an offer I’m pretty excited about, but it’d still be nice to tell her that and ask her what I should do from here.

My Apartment Complex Management: No one knows better than my mom how much I hate being told what to do. Not because I was a piece of shit to her growing up, quite the contrary, I was so afraid of disappointing her I didn’t step out of line until I got my license. No, she knows it so well because of all the instances she’s experienced of me being reigned in by a bureaucracy whose authority I fundamentally rebuke. She’s gotten the violation notice letters in the mail, listened to me rant like Nelson Mandela about the injustices suffered towards me, and read more vows for vengeance than a character in John Wick. I’ve been on the warpath against management for nearly two weeks, and I could use my mom to either talk me off it, or help me use it a little wiser.

WGC Dell Matchplay: This past week’s Dell Matchplay was A1 from the start. There was excitement each day, and though I wasn’t able to go, as noted in a piece I wrote for my latest venture, I still would’ve liked to comment on the goings on with mom. She would’ve had plenty to say about Sergio’s meltdown, Cat losing on the 18th by 1 to a kid younger than me, and how desperately I need to find a way, any way, to get to that golf tournament.

The Cold Front: Mom and I tolerate the cold as well as a palm tree. We hate it. We don’t want to be it. We don’t see the value of it. Both of us feel the majority reason of living in Texas is to exempt oneself from cold weather, and yet here it is April 1 and the temperature is dipping into the 40s. It’s downright criminal.

Dat Nguyen Sighting: On Saturday night an account I follow on Twitter posted a pic of former fightin’ Texas Aggie Shane Lechler’s retirement party. While I recognized virtually no one, not even the man of honor, there was one gentleman on the far left of the photo I immediately knew.

Dat Nguyen. The best linebacker to ever play for Texas A&M. Mom loved watching Texas A&M’s “Wrecking Crew,” defense, and she loved watching Dat Nguyen rack up 517 tackles in his four years at the school. What’s better, Dat went straight from Texas A&M to the Dallas Cowboys. I still have both the Nguyen Cowboys jerseys we bought. It’s the only jersey I own. I so wish I could have shown mom this picture and we could have talked about watching Dat Nguyen and the rest of the ’98 Aggies.

This past week was really sports heavy for mom and I’s conversations. I suspect that’ll continue to be the case as we move into majors season, the thick of the MLB first half, and the CWS. No matter the subject though, I just wish I could talk to her again.

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