Cool Stuff I Wish I Could Talk To My Mom About: Bluebonnets

Catch up on all my mom and I’s talks here Hey Mama

I had so much to talk to mom about last week. Mostly good things. I finally got a hit on a job I think I could be happy doing. My girlfriend and I enjoyed a couple really fun days together, and the ole cowpuppy and I had a whole week’s worth of adventure. Most importantly, though, I’m trying to rediscover my faith, and I’ve got some questions I need her wisdom on.

Bluebonnets: I love bluebonnet season. The sides of the road bloom into scenic portraits pretty enough to make even the most congested commute tolerable. There are dozens of people posing in the weirdest locations to get their annual picture, it’s great. It’s even better because Midland doesn’t really have bluebonnets, so the spring bloom is something I always loved sending my mom pictures of.

The Rodeo: It all started Tuesday evening when my girlfriend and I went to the rodeo. I love rodeos. I could go every day and not get tired of them. Just walking into the arena and having my nostrils filled with the sweetly arid mix of animals and dirt made me smile. We stayed and saw Midland after and they put on a great show. I wish I could’ve shared all this with her, gotten her opinion on what I thought was an absolutely fire rodeo shirt, and chided her a little for not letting me do rodeo growing up. It would’ve been perfect.

The Ole Cowpuppy’s Birthday: Thursday was the ole cowpuppy’s 9th birthday. Knowing my mom I probably would’ve gotten a text that day wishing the dog a happy birthday and maybe, if she’d done any Amazon cruising the week before, some sort of package containing a dog lumbar chair or puppy inner tube for river floating or some other perfect gift I never knew my dog needed. I would’ve loved to spend the day sending her pictures of our various excursions from Belle wading chest deep into a new lake we found to her hiding in bluebonnets to chase a squirrel to her pouting in the wash stand at the pet store because she rolled in squirrel poop. Spamming my mom with cowpup pics was a favorite of mine, it was hard not having her to share that with.

A Potential New Job: Last week one of the billions of job applications I’ve filled out actually made it to the next step. The company sent me some written assignments to complete and send back. I’m excited, but trying to contain my anticipation. Mom always knew what to say in these situations and exactly how much to gas me up so I felt confident but not naively optimistic.

Moving: This conversation probably wouldn’t happen if I still had my mom to have it with. Still, I really want to know what she thinks here. My cousin has hinted at a desire for me to come back to Midland and go to work for him. It’s a good job, it’s financially stable, I’d be working for someone I love and look up to, someone I could absolutely stand to learn from, and, most importantly, it’d a job, a job with family at that. All I’d have to do is either uproot mine and my girlfriend’s plans, move her from the best opportunity anyone could ask for, and take us back to my hometown to live in my childhood house for an unknown amount of time. I could also commute the 5 1/2 hours from Midland to Austin every weekend for however long I could stand doing that. It’s tempting, both because I know I could pay the bills doing it and because I know I’d enjoy working with my cousin. I don’t know. I need to know what my mom thinks.

I come across things every day I wish I could talk to my mom about. Mostly it’s little things like how much I miss her or a small grievance I know she’d at least entertain, even if it amounts to little more an offense than a hanging pinky nail. I never realized how much I had to say to her until I stopped being able to say it. I hope if you read this it makes you text, call, FaceTime, or, better, walk up to your loved ones and tell them some cool stuff too.

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