Cool Stuff I Wish I Could Talk To My Mom About: It’s Been Too Long

This series recaps all the things I normally would have shared with my mom. It’s my way of letting out all I wish I could still tell her, and hopefully give my few readers an insight into her and I’s relationship. Catch all of it right here. 

I didn’t write one of these last week. In fact, it was a rough week for writing in general. I’m not giving up hope yet, but I will say I’m frustrated. Whatever creative flow I’d been enjoying the previous two or so week has absolutely been lessened, and I’m not sure how to get it back. The previous two weeks have so much to talk about. I’ll try to keep it as reader friendly as I can but really I’d like to use this post to just vent, to close my eyes and let myself talk to my mom, share with her all the worries and stresses and apocalyptic scenarios that have had me in such a micro state of paranoia. Instead, I’ll just share all the cool, and unfortunately not so cool stuff I wish I could talk to my mom about.

Loss: Two weeks ago a member of my graduating class was killed in the line of duty responding to a call for our hometown’s police department. We were much closer in elementary and middle school but unfortunately drifted apart by graduation because he had already discovered how to live a life of integrity and sincerity and I was adamant about spending the next seven years trying to reach peak Douchelord. He is the first officer our hometown has lost in over fifty years, I wish I had mom to help make sense of all this. Additionally, one of my coworkers succumbed to stage 4 pancreatic cancer about five days before my classmate lost his life. Both men were supreme blessings to this world. I’d like to be able to ask my mom about all of this, to hear her wisdom on loss.

The Weather: We’ve had some annoying cold fronts the past couple weeks. Those plus wind, heavy fog, and the potentially early bloom of the bluebonnets would have made for a nice conversation about what the weather is and what we wish it were instead. I always liked talking to mom about the weather, it was calming.

The Wiener Mobile: I saw the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile a couple weeks ago as I was pulling out of Academy. I remember seeing it once when I was little, but this was a planned event, we left our house solely to go see the wiener mobile. My mom probably would have been the first person to know about a chance sighting such as this one.

The Good Dinosaur: Mom and I are big fans of the The Good Dinosaur. For all the hate it gets I just can’t not like a movie that has Sam Elliott playing a cowboy T Rex on a longhorn cattle drive. Neither can mom. It would’ve been nice to watch it at the same time with her and talk about how much we like it.

I left out some other things, like my stress about finding a job, about spending last Thursday and Friday yelling into a 20mph wind at a bunch of elementary school kids for eight hours until my back was so sore from puppeteering golf swings I couldn’t stand straight until Sunday night. But those are posts for other days. Maybe if I keep these next few pieces short I’ll have better creative energy. I don’t know. Mom would, though. I wish I could ask her.

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