This Week In Blogging: March 3rd – 9th

Each week I’m going to condense the previous 7 days’ content with brief little synopses so if you miss anything, there was something you were interested in but just didn’t click it for whatever reason, or, enjoyed and want to read again to give me that sweet, sweet, click boost, it’s as easy as finding the day.

March 3rd:

The 3rd was a Sunday, and I was preoccupied with grocery shopping and and prepping Monday’s post. No content to repost here, so I’ll link Saturday’s column outlining the perfect basic Texas Independence Day instead

March 4th:

The first one is the launch of a recurring piece chronicling all the stuff I wish I could have talked to my mom about. Post number two is my moral dilemma posed after an altercation with an elderly woman at the HEB self-checkout

March 5th:

For the first time in my life I’m faced with the problem of my goto Whataburger sucking and I don’t know what to do

March 6th:

The start of the Lenten season prompts a column suggesting proper etiquette from participants and non participants alike.

March 7th:

My misfortune in joining Corporate America inspires a plea to allow me to tryout to be a desk jockey

March 8th:

Friday’s first piece is the second installment of the Dope Music series. Sean McConnell is the featured artist. In my second column I look at some inequalities and prejudices facing women in the world of amateur golf

March 9th:

An uncomfortable amount of scalp in the bathroom mirror has me questioning just what my hairstyle qualifies as

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