Dope Music You’ve Probably Heard But I Haven’t: Ritual Dagger

I’ve never been on the cutting edge of music. My first iPod was a shuffle. I never had Napster, never actually made a profile on Limewire, and, as ashamed as I am to admit, I still have free Pandora and Spotify accounts. I finally broke down and got an Apple Music account, but I think that was inadvertent while I was doing an update. The point is, by the time I find a song or a band they’re probably either already as famous as they could be, or they’re on their decline.

As bad as I am at discovering music, I can’t be the worst. I know I’m not, there are whole native cultures that will never hear foreign music. Besides them though, maybe a couple of y’all are as behind the times as I am and would like some new artists and songs to try out each week. I would, so I’ve been spending a lot more time stumbling around Apple Music and Spotify and in doing so have come across some dope music you’ve probably already heard, but I haven’t, so here it is.

I had to go with my brothers for the first week. Ritual Dagger is an Indie Rock? (I’m gonna go with indie rock) duo out of Austin, TX. I’ve known bassist Jeff French since I was about four years old, and guitarist Bryson Leal since about 13. This is their latest in a lifetime of projects spanning music, photography, video, and, potentially soon, webcasting. They met in our hometown of Midland, TX, and began a now nearly 17 year friendship founded on a desire to do dope shit and play cool music.

I’ve rode with these two from their first band when we were in high school, to this project, and each one gets better and better. Ritual’s first song, “Boys Cry” is groovier than one of Sonny’s pastel “Miami Vice,” suits. It’s clean, the vocals are light, smooth, it all comes together in a dancey track that somehow sounds just as at home coming through your TV as it does over the bar top speakers of a neon lit dance club. But that’s Ritual Dagger’s charisma. They’re not prototypical. They don’t have a hole to be pegged into. They’re just two friends, two brilliantly talented musically professional friends playing what sounds good, and authenticity is at home no matter what speakers it’s coming through.

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Ritual Dagger

If you want to check out Bryson and Jeff’s other projects, click any of these links

Bryson Briight


American Kings

Run For Cover!

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