Is This Supposed To Be A Podcast?

I feel like my entire life has been spent playing catch up. I was a fat kid (I feel like know I still am) longer than a lot of other children and didn’t really get into actually playing sports until it was too late. I got a job at 16 but didn’t do anything beyond hourly work until I’d nearly graduated college, so my professional resume still reads like a 22yr old senior. Speaking of college, I screwed around the first two years and ended up graduating almost three years later than everyone I entered with. So yeah, about the only thing I’ve ever been early to in life is joint problems and the orphan club. Unfortunately, it looks like my career in the content game is headed to the same conclusion. While I’m still studying the school of blogging everyone around me is buying microphones from some secret microphone store and tossing up hour long monologues more niche than Left-Handed Fly Fisherman’s Quarterly. This seemingly overnight entrepreneurial audial avalanche has me wondering. Is this supposed to be a podcast?

If I’m being honest a podcast would probably be a better medium for me. Ever since my last major seizure I’ve found it difficult to consistently produce content. I just can’t seem to put myself in a writing mindset, and I feel my voice has lost its cohesion. I don’t know if it’s any sort of neurological consequence or me just exacerbating a coincidence through stress and over worrying, but whatever the cause if I want to write anything I have to just wander life until lightning strikes and I can furiously pen a piece before my mind flies off the rails and I’m back to searching for cognizance like a lost sailor seeking a lighthouse. With a podcast I might be free to ramble, to disguise my aimlessness as a potpourri of content neatly bundled into an episode.

Beyond the potential creative advantages is the superior reachability of a podcast. With a blog post I have to write a piece, pair it with a properly related headline, make sure it’s adequately SEO with tags and keywords and headers, and then post it to all my social media platforms with relevant hashtags at a time I believe is most conducive to actually being read instead of liked faved and RTed out of an obligation of acquaintance. Sure, podcasts have their own difficulties of engagement like making sure the audio is of a good enough quality someone will want to listen, is free of background noise, and is on a platform people will actually want to listen to it on. But you can engage someone quicker with a podcast. Someone stumbles across your link on the TL while they’re scrolling at a red light they can just press play. Someone stumbles across my blog while they’re sitting at a red light and they have to want to read it bad enough they remember it when they get home. The convenience factor of podcasts for audiences is through the roof compared to blogging.

Ultimately, though, my biggest worry that I’m potentially languishing my effort in blogging comes from how many writers, good writers, better writers than I, that I’ve seen create podcasts. I worry they’re seeing a trend and a possibility I’m either too ignorant or too stubborn to observe. I worry podcasts are the future and blogs have entered their twilight stage. I’m afraid I might be building a livery stable next door to the Ford factory. If I keep blogging am I continuing my lifelong trend of showing up too late to the party. Should I cut my losses and join the already legions of people producing podcasts, or trudge onward with a medium I’m at least introductorily familiar with, even if it appears it’s outside the zeitgeist.

All these anxieties and insecurities plague my ambitions for lucrative content creation. The thought of tableting my talent on stone and trying to present it to an audience of iPhone users is enough to stall my effort, not because of a serious disbelief of ability, but because of an uncertainty of marketability. Suppose I am good enough to create for the masses, am I also good enough to sell myself to them on a format and in a way they’ll want to consume? I don’t know. Only thing I do know is if podcasts are the future I’ll have borrow T-Pain’s autotune, my voice is waaay too nasally to expose people to without it being considered a form of torture.

One thought on “Is This Supposed To Be A Podcast?

  1. That’s too funny! I wonder too why podcasts have become such a necessity for people creating content. When the husband and I drive on road trips, we’re listening to podcasts. They are his thing. I’d rather hear an audiobook or read. Your voice ain’t bad. It’s be an adjustment. Maybe you’d be like those actors who say they can’t see their own work. That means you’d be have to get an editor.


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