What Songs Were Stuck In Your Head Today?

Today was largely amorphous. I continued the trend of beginning my day with a song, letting “Aston Martin Music,” by Rick Ross ft. Drake and Chrisette Michele take me through breakfast, packing, and up until I’d loaded the truck. I’m surprised “Aston Martin Music was the only soundtrack to my morning given the proclivity for panic a situation such as mine would have. But, it is an immensely repeatable tune that’s just mellow enough to not incite too great of an episode.

Come to think of it, ever since I started this project the number of ballads that bounce through my head in a given day have greatly decreased. Maybe it’s because I’m less introspective, or just poor timing. I’m more inclined to believe the latter as poor timing will be the title of my memoir. Regardless, as I put the final touches on successfully procrastinating an entire day Rick Ross’s sensual single drifted from my mind to be replaced with binging Jimmy Tatro’s Facebook comedy “The Real Bros of Simi Valley.” Don’t ask me why, and don’t especially ask me if I was driving while watch-listening to this because I will be forced to plead the Fifth.

Round about mid afternoon I completed the most recent of Tatro’s project and switched over to some podcasts I’d been saving. “Circling Back” with Dillon Cheverere, David Ruff, and Will DeFries sufficed the first third of my road trip, which I will expand upon at length in later posts. I wish the Circling Back crew had more episodes live, I know they’re new to the podcast game though and I hope they keep succeeding with this and grow it into a very nice medium large podcast.

Somehow, with less than two hours to go on this trip, when I’m basically home, “Aston Martin Music” came back with a vengeance. I ain’t mad, just confused I guess. Maybe it’s because I’m getting a bit nervous about what I’ll find when I reach the end of my travel, or maybe it’s because I’m brain dead from driving and don’t have the energy to pick a new song to put on loop. Whatever the reason I’m drowning it out with today’s Apple Music Pure Focus playlist as I’ve discovered my ears are far too ADHD to listen to a podcast and listen to my internal voice dictate this post. Hopefully this piece is the last I’ll speak of or hear Ross’s song.

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