What Songs Were Stuck In Your Head Today?

Soon as I woke up I had a song spinning. Matter of fact it was in between alarm snoozes, before I was really awake. I didn’t mind though, it was Kacey Musgraves’s “Late To The Party.” I really like that song. It’s slow, it’s mellow, it’s cute, and most of all my girlfriend’s big on it. Anyway soon as my feet hit the floor I was cycling through a couple lines, not so much anxiously as just repetitively. It was a nice change from what usually bangs my temples in the mornings.

To be honest I didn’t really have any songs going through my head today which was a welcome surprise, especially considering when the bartender got to the course at 7:00AM she immediately turned on a local FM country station. Usually that prompts my brain to trap my conscious into recycling the hook of some cheeseball ass Lady Antebellum or Luke Bryan dumpster treasure, but not this time. I spent the rest of the workday slightly paranoid I’d wind up reciting some nonsensical ass chorus about mud trucks and cold Buds or some other bullshit like that but thankfully I stayed sufficiently engaged in the present to avoid succumbing to the mind numbing vapidity of Florida Georgia Line.

When I got home to relax for a couple hours before I had to be back at work for a lesson I had, for just the briefest of minutes, Flo Rida’s “Right Round” ft. Ke$ha in my head. No idea where that came from but thankfully it went away after about half an hour. From there it was a cruise to the end of the day. I even got bold and threw on some old school G-Unit bangers on the way home. We’ll see if “Hate It Or Love It,” stays with me till bedtime. Wouldn’t be the worst if it did.

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