What Songs Were Stuck In Your Head Today?

Today started off with a weird lineup. I woke up feeling like absolute ass which made me anxious, and when my anxiety flares up it spins through whatever songs it finds like an FM DJ’s Drive at Five mix. First we had Dolly Parton’s timeless classic “Jolene,” due to the name of something in my bathroom being Jolen. “Jolene,” stayed with me until I was almost back home from taking my girlfriend to work, which made for an especially nerve racking trip. By the time I pulled into my apartment complex “Jolene,” was buzzing through my head at double time, causing me quite the panic. Once inside I crawled back into bed and attempted to sleep off whatever bug I’d picked up from the night before.

My intermittent spells of napping calmed my anxiety, but for some reason around lunch I started repeating the intro to Toto’s “Africa.” Not any part of the song, just the opening couple of seconds. While frustrating for putting me back to sleep, this one was much better than “Jolene,” as there were no lyrics and the tempo stayed true to the song. Don’t ask me why but lyrics put my anxiety through the roof.

By mid afternoon I’d recognized “Africa,” was here to stay, and made do with its just annoying enough soundtrack accompanying me through my day. I got in the car to pick my girlfriend up from work and almost immediately Africa disappeared. It was wonderful, but my relief was short lived as midway through the drive I made a passing comment to myself that I still was not feeling well, at which point Matchbox Twenty’s “Unwell,” launched into my subconscious. This was the worst one, but, thankfully, it was also the shortest one. Within a couple minutes of picking my girlfriend up Kanye West’s “Barry Bonds,” was repeating its hook like a stuck vinyl. I didn’t mind too much, the song itself is slow tempo and I hadn’t heard it in forever so it reverberated through my head at little greater volume than department store Christmas music.

Back home I crawled back into bed to finish my recuperation and let Ozuna’s “Te Bote” (Remix) ft. Bad Bunny, Nio Garcia, Darrell, and Nicky Jam softly drown out all my other thoughts. I like this song, and while it’s difficult to fall asleep or have a coherent thought when you’re focused on replaying a song correctly and quickly enough to soothe your anxiety induced OCD, “Te Bote,” isn’t so bad to hear a few hundred times.

If you’d like to help me expand my catalogue of songs to accompany my crippling anxiety feel free to visit the link below and leave some album monies

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