Damn It Feels Good To Be The Villain For A Change

I’ve been an A&M fan my entire life, and it has not been an easy time. I’ve watched countless inexplicable losses that my defeated spirit can’t reconcile to anything but divine misfortune. I’ve seen blatant officiating favoritism, away and at home, for everything from game deciding plays to unnecessary influence. I’ve always been the minority fan in the room, and had to listen to touts of past dynastic success from people with as much ties to their favored university as I have to my grandfather on my mom’s side of the family’s ancestral country of Ireland. It’s sucked. It’s sucked for the last twenty seven years. It sucked during the Big 12 years, it’s sucking in the SEC, and it sucked for football, basketball, baseball, and everything in between.

But not anymore. Not after A&M beat LSU at home in a 7OT cluster fuck that might be the closest the Aggies have ever gotten to invoking the 12th Man and pulling kids out of the stands to put on a helmet. In both the longest played college football game in college football history and the highest scoring college football game in college football history there was anything and everything to embolden the victor and disparage the defeated. There were highlight reel catches, horrifically timed turnovers, and more than a couple games’ share of questionable officiating. It was everything a keyboard warrior, t shirt fan, gambling junkie and B list sports analyst needed to rule them up and crank their take fingers into overdrive. And for once those tales were about A&M.

For once I got to wake up to guys with as much cfb playing time as Kim Kardashian descending from Sinai with their tablets of takes. ESPN analysts who’ll never commentate a prime game in their life lambasted the officiating with the same gravity as Cronkite delivering the JFK assassination. Sports troll bros who’ve never come within 100miles of either campus sent one liners to their 247 followers on everything from an insistence of A&M’s eternal irrelevance to forecasts of the insufferable Aggie celebrations to come.

It’s awesome. I love it. I got to see just a little, (just a tiny) taste of this when Manziel played, but the following years were so desolate I forgot what it was like to be hated ‘cus you ain’ted. It’s glorious. I want to read every armchair report from every “sports” guy and bask in the warmth of their ignorance. I want to fight every scout team sports analyst online until my blocked by list looks like ESPN’s payroll. I want to read, listen to, and overhear endless conversations ascribing A&M’s win to any possible illicit, mystic, and conspiratorial influence. I want to live the life of the blue chip fans and revel in the misery of the downtrodden in college football, and I want to dismiss them with the same decadent indifference as a Feudal lord to his serfs.

I know this won’t last. I know come Tuesday everyone will have moved on to the latest playoff rankings and championship week, and last night’s game will be relegated to a commentator’s trivia delivered between plays. I know this win did less to benefit A&M than it did to harm LSU, but I’m okay with all that. I’m okay with this game earning the Aggies the Pillsbury Dough Boy bowl rather than the Al Daniels Chevrolet Christmastime Bowl. For now, for at least the next few hours, I’m the villain, and damn it feels good to be the villain for a change.

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