It’s Lonely at the Bottom

The other day I read an article from a friend about some of the “demands” that the Black Lives Matter movement released.  Whether you agree with them or not that there is targeting of black people going on within the law enforcement community, one of the things that struck me as so odd about what they released was that so much of it is to be done through the efforts of others.  That same day, I read an article from someone concluding Lena Dunham to be a, “Faux sexual assault survivor.”  Never one to abandon a rabbit hole, I continued on this exploration and started thinking about how we got to where we are, specifically in regards to being so comfortable with placing others in charge of our well being.  Were George Washington to come back today, not only would he be so appalled at the status of the political system, but he might be even more appalled at how totally lacking we all are in self sufficiency.  How did we get here?  When did being so deluded in our egotistically based realities become so normal that we gained the audacity to protest situations where people aren’t providing goods for us, or where people aren’t being more mindful of how their thoughts might affect our emotional well being?  It’s not just one side of the political spectrum doing it either.  Talk to a Trump supporter and what you’re likely to find is sheer unaware hypocrisy in that they blasted Obama supporters eight years ago for expecting him to deliver hope and change, they blast Bernie supporters for endorsing a candidate whom they expect to provide an increase in subsidized services, yet for many of them one of the principle reasons they support Trump is that they believe his presidency will include the excommunication of the “Establishment,” despite possessing all the capability and tools necessary for ousting that same establishment themselves.  Similarly, they want to defund Planned Parenthood, decrease welfare provisions, yet when the topic of Social Security Reform is broached they bristle at the thought and accuse the messenger of trying to steal what they believe to be their rightful inheritance.

I believe one of the root causes of this is our constant ability to soothe our own insecurities through almost infinite means.  Growing up in the “millennial” generation, I can tell you one of the things hammered into my brain in the public education system is just how special I was, how important I was, how the whole world was going to know how unique I am and how no matter what I’d always be the most Brian Bisgard of all the Brian Bisgards on the planet.  Luckily I didn’t take this too deeply to heart, or I might be one of those same individuals demanding someone provide me something out of their efforts rather than my own.  But so many of my peers did, so many of my priors did, and especially now we are able to use the Internet as a security blanket any time an outside thought or opinion threatens our own beliefs.  We don’t have to sit back and contemplate being wrong, because as limitless as the web is we can find something that will reaffirm the belief in question.  We never stop to question the validity or truth of what we are exposed to, only that it reassures us and quiets the voice inside our head that maybe, just maybe, it’s us that’s wrong and not them.  Because that’s what 2016 is.  It’s us against the world, and by us I really mean it’s me and my inferiors against the world.  We’ve turned so far inward we no longer see ourselves as guests in this existence, but we are the Creators.  This is our world, and damnation to anyone that tries to stand in our way.  A failure isn’t our own, it’s because of something that would have failed anyone like us, it’s because someone else failed us, and they did so maliciously.  The answer could never be that we didn’t work hard enough, or that sometimes a horse just can’t be a fish, no matter how many swimming lessons he takes.  No, the answer lies in the fault of someone else trying to destroy our own perfect design, and in 2016 if you can scream that loudly enough you can garner some support to further entrench your conclusion that you are born due your deepest desires, as if the world were a genie for your whim.  Everyone is building their own thrones, stacking them as high as they can and treating any threat to that throne as an offense against their very existence.  We surround ourselves with people who reaffirm those thrones, who remind us that we are masters of this world, that we can bend those around us to not only observe more of how we are affected by that we can make their conscious efforts be in service to us.

The average life span in the United States is 78.7 years.  The Earth is 4.5 billion years old.  The North American continent is 3 billion years old.  Human existence? About 200,000 years old.  That human existence made its way to the American continent around 14, 500 years ago.  From there, the first colony of settlers arrived in 1607, 409 years ago.  After that, the United States came into existence 240 years ago.  We are a blink.  We are less than a blink.  We are any one of the millions of cells that are continuously regenerating within our own bodies.  That’s how fast our time on this planet is.  Yet by the time we reach cognizance, so many of us approach the world with a mentality that we are the past present and future.  We’re not folks, we’re one in seven billion for an amount of time so small the world can’t even measure it.  The sooner we all realize that and stop trying to realign the center of the universe to ourselves, the calmer and happier we’ll all be.


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