This is me…I think

I am recently graduated, recently twenty-five, and recently cast amongst the vast abysmal populace of full time employment. As dreary and final as this sounds, I haven’t quite hit that lull that causes people to do drastic things like dye their hair or axe their entire family. In fact, as externally normal as my situation reads, the specifics of this life I’m currently claiming is still far from the usual post graduation mediocrity that welcomed so many of my peers like the reaper in the night. I currently work as a golf professional for a public course in Bryan, TX, so a generous portion of this blog will be dedicated to the tips and tears shared over the glorious sport that’s claimed far too many a pocketbook and a heartache. I’m also three months out of a six year undergraduate degree, (English degree, SUPER useful), so entering the “adult” world at twenty-five has me feeling like Rip Van Winkle minutes after his twenty year snooze sesh.

To help combat the ever looming shadow of complacency, I will be putting to eternity the endless musings and rants of my never ceasing mind. I’ll try to keep it short but bare with me, I am after all a literary amateur playing author a few times a month or week or however often I remember to update this thing.

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